We welcome our newest healing center in The Litchfield Hills.


Go directly to Source with the modern spiritual experience, incorporating yoga, movement, energy clearing and healing, setting intentions, release of emotional and physical stagnation, music, vibration, medicinal oils and crystals. All classes are $20 suggested donation.

Maureen Dodd,

creator of Embody Love,™ has been lovingly serving and teaching through the vehicles of Spiritual Mentoring, Transformational Energy Healing, Vinyasa Yoga, Sacred Movement and Meditation for the past 20 years. Her work is considered progressive and evolutionary in the world of Energetic Healing and Therapeutic Bodywork. Maureen’s intention is to align each individual with their true essence, releasing negative habitual Energy patterns of thought and physical expression. This allows the energy of transformation and an evolution of consciousness. Everyday becomes sacred. The body becomes a temple. Life itself, becomes both an experience of growth and a journey towards “Oneness with the Divine within.”

Maureen is currently the Director of Spiritual Wellness & Energy Therapies at The Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine in Manhattan and at WellNEST (Hamptons & Litchfield Hills). She is also the Co-Founder of Destination Spiritual retreats. Maureen Dodd lectures, teaches and hosts workshops and retreats worldwide and has been featured in Hamptons Magazine, The New York Observer, The Numinous, Connecticut Magazine, Vogue and Travel + Leisure.Maureen Dodd Offerings at The Ash Center & WellNEST: Spiritual Mentoring, Signature Embody Love Transformational Energy Healing Sessions, Therapeutic Bodywork, Private and Group Yoga, Embody Love Workshops & Retreats, and Corporate Health & Wellness Consultations